It was one of the 2 building blocks (the other being road racing) that formed the base for competition activities when the Canadian Motorcycle Association was formed in 1946.

The first Canadian Championships were held in 1949 and the first Number #1 Plate, awarded to the Expert Champion each year was presented in 1971.



May 26 - 27 Lion's Head, ON Elgin County Trials Association - Click for Flyer
May 27 Ioco, BC Canada Pacific Trials Association
June 10 Ohsweken, ON Steel City Riders - Click for Flyer
August 11 - 12 Sparrow Lake, ON Amateur Trials Association
August 18 Arden, ON Amateur Trials Association
August 18 - 19 Bengough, SK Saskatchewan Flatland Trials Association
August 19 Tweed, ON Amateur Trials Association
September 8 - 9 Ioco, BC NATIONALS - Canada Pacific Trials Association
September 15 - 16 Kearney, ON Amateur Trials Association
September 16 Parkview, SK Saskatchewan Flatland Trials Association
September 30 St. George, ON Amateur Trials Association
October 21 Lion's Head, ON Elgin County Trials Association
October 21 Ioco, BC Canada Pacific Trials Association

Please Note: Further Events will be added shortly



May 3, 2017


Unfortunately we are unable to field a full team on the occasion of Canada's 150th Birthday, but we are pleased to announce that Jonathan English and Brian Wojnarowski will carry the flag in Baiona, Spain on September 23rd. Both riders are currently in Scotland, participating in the historic Scottish Six Days Trial.

Team Management for the TdN will be co-shared between John Searle, the CMA TdN Jury Delegate, and CMA CEO Marilynn Bastedo.

March 1, 2017


July 5, 2016

While we had originally given up the idea of fielding a team for the Trial des Nations, which will take place in Isola 2000, France on September 10th and 11th, the tide has turned and CMA is very happy to announce the appointments of the following riders.

•  Michel Fortin-Belanger, Notre-Dame du Portage, QC - current CMA #1 Plate holder
•  Jonathan English, Foxboro, ON
•  Felix Fortin-Belanger, Notre-Dame du Portage, QC


And a big thank you to:
   Paul-Yvan Belanger, Notre-Dame du Portage, QC - minder for Michel and Felix
   Brian Wojnarowski, Pontypool, ON - minder for Jonathan

Team Manager, Jon Hendriks remarks. "It is important for the top riders to participate in this kind of international event, not only to represent Canada but to encourage those who are passionate about the sport to come together and develop the skills and attitudes necessary to make a positive contribution at the community level. I am really looking forward to working together with the CMA and the TdN team members in the weeks leading up to the competition."

Paul-Yvan Belanger, Felix Fortin-Belanger,
and Michel Fortin-Belanger
Jonathan EnglishBrian Wojnarowski

5 juillet 2016

Alors que nous avions abandonné l'idée d'envoyer une équipe au Trial des Nations, qui aura lieu à Isola 2000, en France les 10 et 11 septembre, le vent a tourné et la CMA est heureuse d'annoncer la participation des coureurs suivants.

•  Michel Fortin-Belanger, Notre-Dame du Portage, QC - détenteur de la plaque CMA #1
•  Jonathan English, Foxboro, ON
•  Felix Fortin-Belanger, Notre-Dame du Portage, QC


Et un gros merci à:
   Paul-Yvan Belanger, Notre-Dame du Portage, QC - assistant pour Michel et Félix
   Brian Wojnarowski, Pontypool, ON - assistant pour Jonathan

Le responsable de l'équipe, Jon Hendriks mentionne : 'Il est important pour les coureurs professionnels de participer à ce genre d'épreuve internationale, non seulement pour représenter le Canada mais aussi pour encourager ceux qui sont passionnés envers ce sport à se rassembler et développer les aptitudes et attitudes nécessaires pour fournir une contribution positive dans la communauté. Je suis très heureux de travailler avec la CMA et les membres de l'équipe du Trial des Nations durant les prochaines semaines avant la compétition'.

Paul-Yvan Belanger, Felix Fortin-Belanger,
and Michel Fortin-Belanger
Jonathan EnglishBrian Wojnarowski

AMA Press Release - June 29, 2015

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The U.S. team is gearing up for the 2015 Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Trial des Nations in Tarragona, Spain, on Sept. 19-20.

The American Motorcyclist Association and the North American Trials Council are pleased to welcome Bryan Roper, Andrew Putt, Logan Bolopue and Daniel Blanc-Gonnet to the U.S. men's team, with Quinn Wentzel as the alternate. The U.S. women's team will include Rachel Hassler, Madeline Hoover and Caroline Allen, with Caroline Altman as the alternate.

"With the popularity of MotoTrials growing in the States, U.S. participation in prestigious international events is important," said Michael Jolly, AMA racing assistant manager. "We're proud that these talented young riders are eager to compete against the world's best, and we're looking forward to a strong performance this September."

Todd Roper will manage the team. He said that while the skill on the world level is high, the U.S. team will be prepared.

"This is a very strong team for us this year, for both the women and the men, and we are looking forward to representing the United States in Tarragona, Spain," Roper said. "If possible, we will have some of the riders ride the world championship event the weekend prior, followed up by some team training at Jordi Pascuet's off-road training center in northern Spain. We will be ready!"

U.S. fans can support the team by purchasing an official team shirt. To do so, send a minimum $20 donation to NATC-TDN, c/o Todd or Vonda Roper, 5119 West Barbara Ave., Glendale, AZ 85302. More information about the shirt is available at > Racing > Trial des Nations.

The sport of trials involves riders navigating their motorcycles over seemingly impossible terrain. The Trial des Nations began in Europe in 1983 as a way to bring the best trials riders from each country together to compete as teams, and it has evolved into one of the most anticipated motorcycle events of the year. Each competing country fields two teams: a men's team consisting of four riders and a women's team consisting of three riders.

October 01, 2014


Trials Team Canada would like to give a massive thank you to our very supportive trials community. To all the suppliers, importers, factories, riders, spouses, families, support staff and the CMA - your continued support is appreciated. Our team is proud to bring back a 10th place finish to Canada. If you'd like more details on the Trial des Nations and how you can support our team, please contact the CMA.

April 23, 2014

The CMA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the nomination of riders to the Canadian team participating in the 2014 Trial des Nations, the FIM World Championship for national teams.

The event will take place in Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra on September 12, 13.

Jonathan English
Foxboro, ON
Dan Johnson
Markdale, ON
Jordan Szoke
Brantford, ON
Brandon Wince
Westbank, BC




May 3, 2017


Continuing the policy of alternating the championships between east and west, and preceded by Saskatchewan in 2016, the 2017 CMA Trial Nationals will take place on September 9th and 10th in Kearney, Ontario.

The Championships are 2 weeks prior to the FIM Trial des Nations, World Championship for National Teams.

December 7, 2016

2016 BC Trials Expert Champion, Alex Walton

May 31, 2016

The 2016 Squamish Trial was held in Squamish, B.C. on May 15,2016. It was both a CMA Provincial event and a CPTA club trial. The riders were treated to perfect spring weather which was dry and not too warm.

The Experts had 10 very challenging sections on large granite slabs with dry (fortunately) moss in places. Alex Walton had 2 consistent loops to easily take the Expert win. Andrew Allen and Ted McDowall took the Adv and Snr 45 classes with low scores that belied the "interesting" sections laid out for them.

The tightest scores of the day were in Sportsman and Intermediate classes. Bob Clark and Bob Todosychuk were tied on 2 points each and had to be separated by who went furthest clean in the Sportsman class. Then Roy Anderson and Ted Blow had to go to "ones" to separate them for third place. AJ Taylor won the Intermediate class by 2 points over Steve Foreman but 3rd place had 3 people tied on 14 points with Jason Miller taking 3rd by 2 cleans.

Pictures by Dale Coull:
Matt Fracy not quite making the splat. Steve Fracy out for a rare appearance in a trial.

Alex Walton gets some air on a mossy uphill rock. Sean Bird looking ahead.

FIM North America - April 6, 2016

The Board of Directors of FIM North America is pleased to announce the establishment of a Trials Committee for their CONU.

The members have been jointly appointed by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)and the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and will serve for a term ending in 2018.

Representing AMA are Michael Jolly, currently employed as AMA Racing Assistant Manager, and Brad Baumert, President NATC, which organizes Mototrials AMA National Series in the United States.

Representing CMA are Steve Fracy, current President of the association's Trials Advisory Committee (TAC), and John Searle, Jr., member of the TAC and the Canadian Jury delegate to recent Trials des Nations.

The Chair position will be rotated annually, with Steve Fracy named by committee member consensus for this inaugural year.

The FIM North America Trials Committee is mandated to review and update the rules, search for organizers for the Continental Championships, and encourage rider participation at this level which will result in riders from our continent regaining an interest in taking part in FIM World Championships.

Marilynn Bastedo, FIM North America President, commented "trials has been part of our continental championship program since its inception in 1999 and it is time that we take this next step to further encourage and integrate the efforts of our 2 member federations in raising awareness of and participation in the discipline from entry level to world level".

Steve Fracy Brad Baumert John Searle Jr Michael Jolly

February 5, 2016

As our association celebrates its 70th anniversary, 2016 is also a historic year for our longest running national championship. For an unequalled 67th straight year a CMA national trials champion will be declared, and making the occasion even more special is the announcement that for the first time, Saskatchewan will be the host province.

The Saskatchewan Flatland Trials Association, in cooperation with the town of Bengough, will organize the event on August 20 and 21. The partnership is a new approach and one we hope will be adopted by our trials organizers in other provinces.

The friendly farming community of Bengough will be welcoming trials riders from across Canada with open arms, for a weekend of trials and festivities. It is the last town before the land falls away into one of Canada's most picturesque and unique geographic regions, the Big Muddy Valley!

Derek Thomas, CMA Board Member and Secretary of SFTA says, "We invite all trials riders from East and West to come together in central Canada, for an unforgettable CMA National Trials Championship and genuine Saskatchewan hospitality".

January 27, 2016

I'm pleased to announce the latest appointment to the TAC. It's important that we have representation from ALL parts of Canada's Trials community.

Those of us from the Western side of the country are familiar with Jacek Jablonski, and I know that his passion and hard work are going to be a real asset to our committee! After reading his profile, and then having a chance to work with him, it will be evident to the other TAC members why he will be the perfect Rep for the province of Alberta.

                  Steve Fracy
                  Chairman CMA-TAC

Jacek Jablonski, Alberta

My name is Jacek Jablonski and I am the father of three (actually four, if you include myself). This is a short description of events from my life in chronological order:
• 1989: at the age of 15 I rode for "PKS Debnicki" in Cracow, Poland. I was riding on a variety of trials bikes including Simson 50cc; custom made Trials Bike with Simson engine 50cc; Honda 50cc; and Yamaha Ty 250cc. During this time our club won twice the team championship in Poland. This winning was the effort of the entire crew and team members. I was happy to be a part of the championships even though I do not think I really contributed to the win. I rode against Wojtek Blazusiak and saw his little brother ripping through the creek on his 50cc enduro bike - the future legend "Polish Fury", Tadek Blazusiak.

• 1989-1994: My trials idol at that time was seven time World Trials Champion, Jordi Tarres - I saw him at least 3-4 times during World Rounds FIM in Poland.

• 1992: at age of 17, I was asked to be a minder during one of the Trials World Round FIM for the former Polish Champion in Styszow, Poland. This was an incredible experience.
After 3 years of continuous fun in trials, I was forced to stop riding for almost 13 years due to lack of funds and other long life goals:

• 1992-2001: graduation from High School - Mechanical profile 5 years; College of Physiotherapy 2,5 year; and University - Academy of Physical Education faculty in Physiotherapy 4 years

• 2001-2005: further education and work - 2 years Chicago, USA; 2 years London, UK.

• 2005: I immigrated to Canada where I evaluated my MSc Physiotherapy diploma. I lived in Mississauga and Hamilton before I moved to Red Deer at the end of 2007.

• 2008- present: I have been riding in expert class on a variety of bikes: Betas: Rev 3, Evo 2009, 2010, 2011, GASGAS factory 2012, Sherco 2014 and presently on Scorpa Factory 20-ty 2015. I have some medals and rewards from Alberta, British Columbia, and US INTA/PNTA but I have to admit that trials for me isn't about getting trophies. Trials is more than competition - it is a challenge, overcoming my weaknesses, and constantly aiming for perfection.

Other very important dates:

• 2012: I helped to organize two successful Ryan Young courses in Alberta and BC.

• 2013: I assisted my colleague, Garrett Smith, in organizing the Ray Peters course in Alberta. • 2013: I helped to organize a four day round Alberta Championship in Red Deer (Alberta Challenge) with my team colleagues and Steve Foord from SGC.

• 2014 was a turning point in my trials career:
I was invited by Ryan Young to the Tennessee Trials Centre where I attended a 2 day course and rode on Team Sherco bike. I had the chance to observe and learn how the Ryan Young training/ programs work for teenagers and Team Sherco. I also started to be involved in Ryan Young schools in Washington under the INTA umbrella with the help from my friend, President Keith Rutledge.

• The end of the 2014 was also very important:
My fellow Albertan riders and I noticed the need for change in the provincial trials approach. There needed to be regular training, family involvement, and a positive and friendly atmosphere to attract new riders. As a result, we established Moto Trials Group of Alberta with our own website and Facebook page. Our MTGA group welcomes anyone who is interested in trials. MTGA organizes summer and winter practices and freestyle riding. Other than the rental fee, the practices are at no cost. I would like to stress that our MTGA has been successful as a result of the hard working people involved in this group. This was only possible due to collaboration, friendship and the generosity of our fellow riders. Simply saying, MTGA is the success of many dedicated individuals.

• 2014-2015: During this winter season and against all odds, the new established MTGA started regular winter practices that steadily received increased recognition.

• 2015/2016: Winter season gets even more attention and a positive response.

Future projects:
MTGA is organizing a virgin voyage in March 2016 to Jordi Pascuet Off Road Centre in Spain. We are planning to attend a 4 day trials course and explore Spain and possibly France during our voyage. We are also hoping to open new possibility for our colleagues in the future and start some form of cooperation.

By accepting the TAC position I would like to take part and be a voice for my colleagues. In effect I/we will hopefully help shape the Observed Trials in Canada through proper training, support, collaboration, honesty, and true friendship. I and my fellow riders would like to see more of foreign riders and trials trainers here.

I would like to promote every opportunity to travel abroad to different centres - to experience culture and their training techniques.

I wish that one day Canadian Observed Trials will become so strong that at least one of the top positions in Worlds Rounds will belong to a North American rider. I would love to be part of establishing affordable training for children. I and many of my colleagues believe that kids are our future in establishing a strong and proud Canadian Observed Trials.

January 20, 2016

Since the inception of the CMA-TAC, our long term goals were to not only help make the sport of trials better in Canada, but also to get better as a group. I believe that to achieve that, we must continue to rely on a broad variety of feedback from as many areas of the country as possible.

As the Chairman of the TAC, I happy to announce another step in that direction with the addition of our newest member, John Searle from Ontario. After learning about some of the great work John has done over the years within his club and the Ontario trials community, as well as serving as the Jury delegate for our Tdn team since 2011, I was convinced that he would make a great contribution. I know the rest of the TAC is excited to get underway and welcomes John aboard.

                  Steve Fracy
                  Chairman CMA-TAC

John Searle Jr., Ontario

John's interest and involvement with motorcycles began at 10 years old. At that time he rode mini-bikes, eventually purchasing his first motorcycle at 15. In 1978 he joined the CMA competing mainly in motocross events; however, in the late '70s and early '80s John rode trial events as well.

After a 17 year absence, John returned to motorcycle competitions in 2001. He attends the majority of events in Ontario riding either his vintage 1986 TLR 200 or his 2016 Montesa 260.
John has been a member of The Steel City Riders since 1978 and helps with the club's annual sanctioned trials event. Since 2009, John has been actively involved in the Ontario ATA (Amateur Trials Association) assisting with set-up and administration.

In 2011, John attended his first TDN as a substitute jury delegate and obtained his FIM licence (Clerk of the Course/Sporting Steward) that same year. At the 2015 Rhode Island World Round Trials, John served as the Chief Checker. John is always willing to help in any capacity to make the world of trials competitions the best it can be.


Depuis le début de CMA-TAC, nos buts à long terme n'étaient pas seulement d'aider à rendre le sport de Trials meilleur au Canada, mais aussi d'être meilleur en tant que groupe. Je crois que pour accomplir cela, nous devons continuer à compter sur une grande variété de « feed-back » provenant d'autant de secteurs possibles à travers le pays.

En tant que président de TAC, je suis heureux d'annoncer un nouveau pas dans cette direction avec l'addition d'un tout nouveau membre : John Searle de l'Ontario. Après avoir constaté ce que John a accompli au cours des années dans son club et la communauté de Trials en Ontario, en plus de servir comme membre du jury pour l'équipe TDN depuis 2011, je suis convaincu qu'il apporterait une grande contribution. Je sais que les membres de l'équipe de TAC sont d'accord et très heureux de l'accepter à bord.

                  Steve Fracy
                  President CMA-TAC

John Searle Jr., Ontario

L'intérêt et l'implication de John pour les motos a commencé dès l'âge de 10 ans. A cette période, il conduisait des « mini-bikes » et a éventuellement acheté sa première moto à l'âge de 15 ans. En 1978 il s'est joint à la CMA en participant principalement aux épreuves de Motocross; mais vers la fin des années 1970 et début des années 1980, il a commencé à participer au Trials.

Après 17 ans d'absence, en 2001, John est revenu aux compétitions de Trials. Il participe à la majorité des épreuves en Ontario, soit sur son vintage TLR 200 - 1986 ou son Montesa 260, 2016.
John est membre de Steel City Riders depuis 1978, et vient en aide dans l'organisation de l'épreuve de Trials annuelle du Club. Depuis 2009, John s'implique activement dans ATA de l'Ontario (Association de Trials Amateur), au point de vue organisation et administration.

En 2011, John a participé à son premier TDN en tant que suppléant délégué du jury et a obtenu sa licence FIM (directeur de course/ organisateur sportif) la même année. En 2015, lors de la Ronde de Trials mondiale de Rhode Island, John a participé en tant « chief checker ». John est toujours prêt à aider dans tous les secteurs afin de faire en sorte que le monde des compétitions de Trials soient les meilleures qu'elles puissent être.

October 19, 2015

Photos of Alex Walton (left), who took the CPTA win, and Thomas Cordner (middle, kissing his front wheel) who took the CMA win. The 3rd picture is of Bill De Garis, who was second in the Senior 45 class (CMA), after turning 74 years old on Saturday.

Photos provided by Dale Coull

CMA President, Joseph Godsall presents Trials Advisory Committee Chair, Steve Fracy with the CMA Supporters Award:

June 26, 2015

The CMA is very disappointed that a decision had to be taken to postpone the Ferrer Trials Schools project to 2016.

Planning for such a major activity naturally involves a considerable financial commitment and unfortunately the pre-registrations were not sufficient to assure that these costs would be recovered.

In addition, while the original plan was to ship Alexandre's bike to Canada for his use during the schools and his training for the upcoming World Round in Rhode Island, these arrangements were not able to be confirmed and no bike was available here in Canada for him.

We are very grateful for Alexandre's interest and enthusiasm to work with the Canadian trials community. Thanks also to Eric Pritchard and Dave Southam for their support.

The concept will be revamped in time for the 2016 season and is intended to reach a larger number of our trials riders across the country.


La CMA est très déçue de la décision qu'elle a dû prendre de reporter le projet des Ecoles de Trials Ferrer en 2016.

Planifier pour une telle activité demande naturellement une budget considérable et malheureusement, le nombre de pré-inscriptions n'était pas suffisant pour assurer que ces frais soient couverts.

De plus, le plan original qui était de faire parvenir la moto de Alexandre au Canada pour qu'il puisse l'utiliser pour ses cours et son entrainement pour la Ronde mondiale de Rhode Island, n'étant pas confirmé, et nous n'avions pas de moto disponible pour lui ici au Canada.

Nous sommes très reconnaissant de l'intérêt et de l'enthousiasme de Alexandre à vouloir travailler avec notre communauté canadienne de Trials. Merci aussi à Eric Pritchard et Dave Southam pour leur support.

Le projet sera remis à jour à temps pour la saison 2016 en espérant qu'il atteindra un plus grand nombre de coureurs de Trials à travers le pays.


April 15, 2015

The Canadian Motorcycle Association has a long history. We will celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2016. It has taken hundreds, if not thousands of people, all passionate about motorcycling, to create, build and maintain the integrity of our mandate which is to foster and build motorcycling in Canada for the benefit of motorcyclists, and to encourage responsible use of motorcycles in society.

Occasionally there has been and will continue to be, individuals who have issues about control, personal grudges or a personal gain agenda, who decide to wage a campaign against the CMA. The personal gain objective is quite easy to identify while the other reasons are not always clear. Sometimes these people will recruit supporters who don't always understand the background or reasoning behind what they are being persuaded to support.

The CMA has long adhered to an unwritten policy of not responding to the insinuations, statements taken out of context, and fabrication of situations attributed to our association. It has been our choice not to contribute to such platforms becoming more than a base for a brief flurry of controversy.

Most of the time this has been the right decision. Occasionally it has resulted in actual harm being done to the long term health of the particular CMA discipline being targeted. In those cases we should have spoken out.

The sport of Trials is going through a difficult phase almost everywhere in the world, even at the top level within the FIM. This is not the time for mischievous or malicious attacks on the efforts of the folks who care, and who are doing their very best to reverse the downward spiral of this very special activity. It is certainly not the time to deliberately spread mistruths about the structure of the FIM the world governing body, and its member federations.

The Mission of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) reads as follows:
"The FIM is the governing body for Motorcycle sport and the global advocate for Motorcycling".

Membership is composed of:
   a) Affiliated members (FMNs), and
   b) Associated Members

Every FMN (National Federation) accepted as an Affiliated Member of the FIM shall be the sole organization in its own country entitled to exercise the powers of the FIM as defined in the Statutes, the By-Laws, the Sporting Code and the regulations of the FIM.

There can be just one FMN per country. There are no separate member categories for individual

The Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) is the Canadian FMN accepted by the FIM and this has been the case since the middle of the last century.

The only national and regional championships organized in Canada which are recognized by the FIM are those sanctioned and identified as CMA Championships.

Those who would have you believe otherwise are simply not telling you the truth.

December 15, 2014

Last week, another web site produced erroneous information about the trials scoring system which would be in effect for CMA events in 2015.

Riders and organizers - please take note!

The ONLY official rules applicable to CMA activity are posted on our website. The rule books are found under their own heading and updates, when they occur, are posted on our home page.

December 15, 2014

Steve Fracy continues as Chair of the CMA Trials Advisory Committee (TAC).
You can communicate with Steve at

October 1, 2014

Watch this terrific video from the CMA National Trials in Victoria, BC last weekend... nice shots of the champ shootout!


This Photo from the Victoria, BC Victoria Day Parade shows most of the CMA TAC Chair, Steve Fracy, aboard the float announcing the CMA National Championships which will be hosted by the Victoria Motorcycle Club later this year.

CMA Trials Advisory Committee (TAC) Member Announcement:

Press Release - November 22/2013

I am extremely excited to announce the members selected to the very first CMA Trials Advisory Committee (TAC). As the chairman to this new venture, it was imperative to me to make sure we have the best people, with the most experience in the country. Not only do these people hold a wealth of knowledge about riding and competing in our sport, they have a solid background in organizing high level events in Canada.

I am very confident that the team we have assembled is up to the task we have ahead of us. I am also very motivated to work with all of them as they share the passion that I have, and can back it up with their wealth of experiences over a long period. Above all of that, I am proud to say that in my 35yrs of riding trials, they are some of the finest people I have ever met! Congratulations all of you!

Sincerely, Steve Fracy
TAC Chairman

Christy Williams Richards, British Columbia
Christy comes from a long line of trials riders; there are trophies in her house that date back to Ireland in 1912. Her first bike was a TY80, passed down through her sisters, Tracey and Kerry. Christy progressed through the Pacific Northwest Trials Association regional series, up to the AMA/NATC national series, starting in 1998. She won 9 U.S. National titles in 11 years. She has represented Team Canada at the Trials des Nations 10 times, as well as riding in the FIM Women's World Championships in Europe, finishing as high as 5th place in one event, and in the top 10 for championship points for 4 years. Christy has also competed in the Scottish Six Days Trial twice; in 2003 and 2006. Retired from full time National competition since 2008, she did win 2 rounds of the NATC series in 2011, and still competes in the PNTA series, as well as hosting the Super Stars 2-day event at Ioco.

Derek Thomas, Saskatchewan
- Competed in first Trials at age 8.
- Ontario Intermediate Champion, 1989
- 2nd foreign rider to win a US High school National, 1990
- 19 years, competed in the Canadian National Series
- 10 x top 5 in Canada, 4 x top 3 in Canada
- 2nd class award, Scottish Six Days Trials, 1994
- 15 FIM World Championship GP's, Best finishes being 22nd place in the '96 Canadian GP, '99 US GP
- Top rider in Saskatchewan for 5 years running.
- 3 x Team Canada member for the '08, '09, '13 Trial des Nations
- Organized all levels of Trials events in Canada from club events, to Nationals.
- A founding member of Saskatchewan's first and only nationally sanctioned Trials club.
- President of the Saskatchewan Flatland Trials Association in 2009-10.
- Member of the CMA, TdN Team Canada, Strategic Planning Committee .
- Vice President of the SFTA, 2011.
- Secretary of the SFTA, 2012-present.

Jonathan English, Ontario
Jonathan rode his first bike at the age of 6 that his Dad built for him! He later progressed to a TY80 and rode his first trial in Tweed, Ontario at the age of 10.
He was Ontario Intermediate class champ in 95, and quickly improved and became Ontario Expert champ in 97, and began to challenge himself riding all the Canadian CMA Nationals between 96-99 as well as many US Nationals riding the Pro class.
Between the years of 2000-2006, Jonathan took a sabbatical from trials as he focused on his career of a commercial pilot. Back at it late in 2006, he picked up where he left off riding US championships again, also riding in the 2007 Trial des Nation in the Isle of Man. This would be the first of 5 TdN's he has represented Canada in!
In 2011, Jonathan rode the prestigious Scottish Six Day Trial in the 100th running of that famed event, and also won a National championship in the WEC trials championship. Since 2009, he has also been placed in the top 3 in the CMA Trials Championships and remains there today!

Paul-Yvan Belanger, Quebec
Paul is 56yrs old and lives in Riviere du Loup PQ, and is the proud father of 5 children. All but one of them are involved in trials. His two sons ride Expert class with him in ATAQ events, and daughter also competes in the Novice class. A real family tradition!
He began riding in 1976 on a TY 175, and his first event ever was in 1983. Paul joined the CMA in 1985 and is a life member today.
Paul has twice finished as high as #2 in the CMA National series, and in the top 5 several times.
He has also been very involved in organizing events in Quebec since 1983, including at least 1 or 2 provincial events every year and many CMA Nationals in and around Riviere du Loup.
In 2007 Paul was very proud to represent his country in the Trial des Nations in the Isle of Man.

Annonce des membres du Comité Consultatif de Trials CMA

Il me fait extrêmement plaisir d'annoncer les membres sélectionnés pour faire partie du tout premier Comité Consultatif de Trials CMA. En tant que président de cette nouvelle entreprise, il était impératif pour moi de m'assurer que nous ayons les meilleurs candidats, avec le plus d'expériences dans le pays. Non seulement ces gens ont une vaste connaissance de notre sport, mais ils ont aussi une solide expérience pour organiser des épreuves à haut niveau au Canada.

Je suis confident que cette équipe que nous avons assemblée sera à la hauteur de ce qui nous attend. Je suis aussi très motivé à travailler avec chacun d'entre eux car nous partageons la même passion, et ils peuvent nous faire profiter de leurs riches expériences pour une longue durée. Je suis fier de dire que dans mes 35 années de Trials, ils sont parmi les plus intéressantes personnes que je n'ai jamais rencontrées. Félicitations à vous tous!

Sincèrement, Steve Fracy
Président TAC

Christy Williams Richards, Colombie-Britannique
Christy vient d'une longue lignée de coureurs de Trials. Il y a des trophées qui datent de 1912 en Irlande dans sa demeure. Sa première moto était une TY80, qui appartenait auparavant à ses soeurs Tracey et Kerry. Christy a progressé dans les séries régionales de l'Association de Trials du Nord-Ouest Pacifique jusqu'aux séries nationales AMA/NATC au début de 1998. Elle a remporté 9 titres Nationaux USA en 11 ans. Elle a représenté 10 fois l' Equipe Canada au Trial des Nations, de même que participant au Championnats Mondial pour Femmes FIM en Europe, finissant en 5ème place lors d'une épreuve, et dans les 10 premières positions pour points de championnats pendant 4 ans. Christy a aussi compétitionné 2 fois dans le « Scottish Six Days Trial », en 2003 et 2006. Prenant sa retraite des compétitions nationales à temps plein en 2008, elle a gagné 2 rondes dans les séries de NATC, et participe encore dans les séries PNTA, en plus d'être l'hôtesse de l'épreuve de 2 jours Super-Stars à Ioco.

Derek Thomas, Saskatchewan
Participé à son premier Trial à l'âge de 8 ans.
- Champion Intermédiaire en Ontario en 1989.
- 2ème coureur étranger à gagner le « US Highschool National » en 1990
- A 19 ans, il a compétionné dans les Séries Nationales Canadiennes.
- 10 fois dans les 5 premiers au Canada.
- 4 fois dans les 3 premiers au Canada
- Prix 2ème classe, « Scottish Six Days Trials » en 1994
- 15 Championnat Mondial GP FIM, finissant en 22ème place en 1996 Canadian GP, 99 US GP
- Coureur en tête en Saskatchewan durant les 5 dernières années
- 3 fois membre de Equipe Canada au Trial des Nations en 2008, 2009, et 2013.
- A organisé des épreuves de Trials à tous les niveaux au Canada, allant d'épreuves de Club jusqu'aux nationales.
- Un membre fondateur du 1er et unique club de Trials sanctionné nationalement au Canada.
- Président du « Saskatchewan Flatland Trials Association » en 2009 - 2010
- Membre de la CMA, Equipe Canada Trial des Nations, et aussi membre du Comité de planification stratégique.
- Vice-Président de SFTA, en 2011.
- Secrétaire de SFTA de 2012 à aujourd'hui.

Jonathan English, Ontario
Jonathan a enfourché sa première moto, que son père avait construite pour lui, à l'âge de 6 ans! Il a ensuite progressé sur une TY80 et participé à son premier Trial à Tweed, Ontario à l'âge de 10 ans.
Il était champion dans la classe Intermédiaire en Ontario en 1995, et est devenu rapidement champion Expert en Ontario en 1997. Il s'est porté un défi envers lui-même en participant à tous les Championnats Nationaux Canadiens CMA entre 1996 - 1999,et en participant aussi à plusieurs nationaux aux Etats-Unis dans la classe Expert.
Durant les années 2000 -2006, Jonathan a pris congé du Trial et s'est concentré sur sa carrière de pilote commercial. De retour en 2006, il a repris où il a laissé en participant à nouveau aux championnats américains, et en 2007 en participant au Trial des Nations de « Isle of Man ».
Ce sera le premier des 5 Trials des Nations dans lesquels il a représenté le Canada!
En 2011, Jonathan a participé au prestigieux « Scottish Six days Trial », célébrant son 100ème anniversaire, et a aussi gagné le Championnat national du Championnat de Trial WEC. Depuis 2009, il est classé dans les 3 premières places des Championnats de Trials CMA!

Paul-Yvan Belanger, Quebec
Agé de 56 ans, Paul-Yvan demeure à Rivière-du-Loup, Québec et est très fier de ses 5 enfants, dont 4 d'entre eux sont impliqués dans le Trial. Ses deux fils participent avec lui dans la classe Expert aux épreuves de l'ATAQ, et sa fille compétitionne aussi dans la classe Novice. Une vraie tradition familiale!
Il a commencé en 1976 sur une TY 175, et sa première épreuve était en 1983. Paul a joint la CMA en 1985 et est aujourd'hui « Membre à Vie ».
Paul a finit 2 fois en deuxième place dans les Séries nationales CMA, et dans les 5 premières places plusieurs fois.
Il s'est beaucoup impliqué dans l'organisation des épreuves au Québec depuis 1983, incluant au moins une ou deux épreuves provinciales chaque année et plusieurs épreuves nationales CMA à Rivière-du-Loup et les alentours.
En 2007, Paul était très fier de représenter son pays au Trial des Nations de Ile of Man.



With only a month to go before the Trial des Nations team makes its way to Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra, we would like to thank the support that we have received. Many, many thanks to the following clubs and businesses for their help and contributions. If you would like to help our team out, please feel free to reach team manager, Jen Johnson at Any product, service or monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

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