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December 13, 2017


Details can be found on our Rider Training page.

AMA Press Release, December 11, 2017

Movie maker produced classic 'On Any Sunday'

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- Legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown, who produced the classic motorcycling movie "On Any Sunday," died Sunday, Dec. 10. He was 80.

"Bruce Brown's influence on motorcycling in the 1970s was profound," said American Motorcyclist Association President and CEO Rob Dingman. "'On Any Sunday' highlighted the unique talents needed for different forms of racing and showcased the fun that people find in motorcycling."

Mr. Brown's early acclaim resulted from his groundbreaking surfing movie, "Endless Summer," which was released in 1966. "On Any Sunday," released in 1971, helped spur the explosive growth of motorcycling in the 1970s.

"I think many people changed their minds about motorcyclists after watching the movie," Mr. Brown once said.

"On Any Sunday" earned Mr. Brown an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary in 1971.

Mr. Brown was born in San Francisco on Dec. 1, 1937. He grew up in Southern California, attending school in Long Beach before moving to Dana Point.

In the late 1960s, motorcycling was sweeping across the country and Southern California was the Mecca of the sport. While visiting Japan, Mr. Brown and his wife rented a Honda scooter and enjoyed the freedom of riding. When he returned home to California, he bought a used Triumph Cub.

Many of the surfers whom Brown hung out with were getting into riding as well. Several of them took up desert racing. Brown got more involved in the sport and began attending races around Southern California.

Even with financial backing from legendary actor and motorcyclist Steve McQueen, Mr. Brown did not have a large budget for "On Any Sunday." So he improvised by using 24-volt batteries in the 12-volt film cameras, producing a makeshift high-speed camera. He also used a helmet-mounted camera on some of the riders, one of the earliest times something like that was attempted.

Mr. Brown was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999. His complete bio can be found at

December 01, 2017

FIM News Flash - November 29, 2017

The 2017 FIM General Assembly took place today, Saturday 25 November in Europe's highest capital, Andorra la Vella.

From left to right: Wan Zaharuddin WAN AHMAD (FIM Asia President), Pedro VENTURO (FIM Latin America President), Marilynn BASTEDO (FIM North America President), Jorge VIEGAS (FIM Board Member), Jorgen BITSCH (FIM Board Member), Nasser Khalifa AL ATYA (FIM Deputy President), Vito IPPOLITO (FIM President), Steve AESCHLIMANN (FIM CEO), Andrzej WITKOWSKI (FIM Vice-President), Jos DRIESSEN (FIM Board Member), Jacques BOLLE (FIM Board Member), Wolfgang SRB (FIM Europe President), Marco COMANA (FIM Africa President), Glen WILLIAMS (FIM Oceania President)
Photo Credit - Good-Shoot.


The morning's session began with a warm welcome from the Mayor of Andorra, Mrs Conxita MARSOL Cònsol speaking on behalf of the City Authorities, and Mr Gilbert SABOYA, Andorran Minister for the Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation.

In his opening address to the FIM General Assembly, FIM President Vito Ippolito highlighted the need to continue to make the FIM a modern organisation. In particular, he stressed the importance of stepping up cooperation and education across the FIM in order to ensure the delivery of its Strategic Plan and taking a global view in order to develop motorcycling in all parts of the world.

The FIM General Assembly approved the 2016 Financial Statements, discharged the Board of Directors and approved the reports of the Directors of the FIM Administration and the 2018 FIM Budget.

Mr Jorgen Bitsch, Chair of the Strategic Plan Board Committee, presented the results of the follow-up survey of the FMNs and CONUs conducted two years since the last one in 2015. The survey concerned the FMNs' activities, sporting and non-sporting, their perceptions and expectations of the FIM, their appreciation of the FIM's services and the opportunities and threats for the FIM in the future. The results were very positive overall. Areas requiring particular focus were seminars for officials and consultation with FMNs hosting FIM championship events.

The FIM CEO Mr Steve Aeschlimann and his management team made up of the Sports Director Mr Fabio Muner, the Deputy CEO and Legal Director Richard Perret and the Communication Manager Ms Isabelle Larivière updated the Assembly on the work of the FIM Administration.

The CEO highlighted the competitive environment in which the FIM operates as a sports governing body, for example, as regards fans, sponsors and promoters . He also highlighted the main activities of the FIM's "beyond sport commissions" (road safety and public affairs, touring, sustainability and women in motorcycling".

The Sports Director gave an overview of the health of the FIM Championships and the relative strength of the various disciplines in different parts of the world. He highlighted the efforts that the FIM Sports Department is making in terms of dialogue with stakeholders in order to help the various disciplines and Championships that are in fairly good or excellent health to stay successful and to help the few facing serious problems to find a new impetus.

The Deputy CEO reported on the activities of the Medical, Legal and Commercial Departments. He explained the impact on the FIM of increasing judicialisation in many areas of sport and life in general and the efforts made by the FIM to evaluate and minimize judicial risk in all its activities. He stressed the importance of education in the fight against doping and the need for athletes and their entourages to understand the basics rather than the legal niceties of the anti-doping rules. He also highlighted the FIM's efforts to identify new and creative sources of financing.

The Communication Manager updated the Assembly on the most recent initiatives to improve communication to the FIM family as its number one priority audience. She further announced that a dedicated site for Public Affairs would be launched in a matter of days to serve the entire FIM family as a source of news and documentation on issues of importance to motorcycling.


Following the approval of the budget for 2018, the Assembly heard the reports of the FIM's Continental Unions.

Several amendments to the FIM Statutes and By-laws and the FIM Sporting Code were accepted by the FIM General Assembly. In-depth work on the FIM Statutes, By-Laws and Sporting Code will continue in 2018.

The General Assembly approved the FIM Riders' Insurance project for implementation in 2019. FIM President Vito Ippolito noted that in his view, this was the one of the most important projects launched by the FIM in recent years.

The title of Honorary Vice-President was awarded to Mr Robert Rasor (AMA). The FIM Motorcycling Merit Award Nicolas Rodil del Valle Silver Medal was awarded posthumously to Mr Ray Wilson, FIM Africa President. Mr Jean-Pierre Mougin (FFM) received the FIM Motorcycling Merit Award, Gold Medal.

The FIM Motorcycling Merit Gold Plaque was awarded, for the first time in several years, to the MobilityLand Corporation Japan, in the person of its Chairman Mr Susumu Yamashita for their outstanding work at the two circuits, Twin-Ring Motegi and Suzuka.

The representatives of FIM National Federations celebrating their 10th, 20th, 30th and 90th anniversaries were called on stage to receive a commemorative plaque.

10th Anniversary

20th Anniversary
DMSB (Germany)
FMSSL (Sri Lanka)

30th Anniversary
QMMF (Qatar)

90th Anniversary
FRM (Romania)

The General Assembly will be followed on 26 November by the FIM Awards ceremony. The FIM wishes to thank the Andorran Federation for hosting these end-of-year events and for the warm welcome extended to the FIM family.

FIM News Flash - November 29, 2017

The FIM Board of Directors met for its fourth meeting of the year in Andorra-la-Vella on Thursday 23 November 2017 ahead of the FIM General Assembly on Saturday and the new-style FIM Awards ceremony on Sunday.

From left to right: Steve AESCHLIMANN (FIM CEO), Jos DRIESSEN (FIM Board Member), Andrzej WITKOWSKI (FIM Vice-President), Wan Zaharuddin WAN AHMAD (FIM Asia President), Nasser Khalifa AL ATYA (FIM Deputy President), Pedro VENTURO (FIM Latin America President), Vito IPPOLITO (FIM President), Glen WILLIAMS (FIM Oceania President), Wolfgang SRB (FIM Europe President), Marco COMANA (FIM Africa President), Jorgen BITSCH (FIM Board Member), Jacques BOLLE (FIM Board Member), Jorge VIEGAS (FIM Board Member), Marilynn BASTEDO (FIM North America President)
Photo Credit - Good-Shoot.

FIM President and Governance Committee Chair Mr Vito Ippolito updated the Board on the consultation process concerning concept of Regions (amendment to Article 12.6.1 of the FIM Statutes to come into effect in 2019 if approved by the FIM GA) and various measures to improve the operational effectiveness of the FIM. Feedback had been received from the FMNs and CONUs and a Workshop was scheduled on 24 November with the FMN and CONU representatives present in Andorra.

Strategic Plan Board Committee Chair Mr Jorgen Bitsch presented the results of the follow-up survey of FMNs regarding satisfaction with FIM services, the FMNs' priorities and the role and development of the FIM. Education and communication emerged as areas of particular focus for the future.

Following reports from the Presidents of the six FIM Continental Unions (FIM Africa, FIM Asia, FIM Europe, FIM Latin America, FIM North America, FIM Oceania), the FIM CEO Mr Steve Aeschlimann introduced the Management's reports on the three strategic pillars of the FIM's management: Sports, Programmes (beyond sport) and making the FIM a more modern organisation.

Following the report of the FIM Sports Director, Mr Fabio Muner, the Board discussed the situation of various FIM sports disciplines (SuperMoto, Enduro,Trial & X-Trial, Speedway, Ice speedway and FreeStyle MX). The Board approved the creation of an FIM Speedway of Nations event from 2018 subject to ratification by the upcoming GA.

The CEO updated the Board on the FIM Programmes (Sustainability, Women in Motorcycling, Road Safety and Public Affairs and Touring and Leisure).

The FIM Sustainability Commission is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and a book "25 Years Riding Green" has been published to mark this important milestone.

The Women in Motorcycling Commission received a large number of applications for the third edition of the FIM Women in Motorcycling Award.

A major Road Safety Campaign "We the Riders" will be rolled out in 2018.

The Touring and Leisure Commission will be pursuing its expansion of the FIM Touring events programme in 2018. A number of amendments to the FIM Code for Touristic Gatherings, overhauled in 2017, were approved by the Board.

The FIM's new Programmes Director Mr Damiano Zamana, was introduced to the Board members. Mr Zamana served for many in the Italian army (NATO, EU and Italian Armed Forces General Staff) and has been Director of the FIM Touring and Leisure Commission since 2012.

The 2017 Year-end financial Forecast was presented to the Board.

The FIM Deputy CEO Mr Richard Perret updated the Board on the Corporate Services, Medical, Legal and Commercial matters.

New partnerships have been signed for the FIM's flagship events, sporting (ISDE) and non-sporting (FIM Awards).

The Board approved several changes to the FIM Medical Code.

A number of changes to the FIM Statutes & By-Laws relating to governance were approved for presentation to the upcoming FIM General Assembly following the Workshop to be held tomorrow, Friday.

November 29, 2017

The annual season closing prize giving ceremony welcomed a new era as the first edition of the new FIM Awards was realised in the stunning ballroom of the Andorra Park Hotel in Andorra la Vella. Almost five hundred guests including 35 of the 2017 FIM World Champions gathered for a very special evening that was hosted by British broadcaster Gavin Emmett.

Watch the FIM Awards video highlights!

Mr Vito Ippolito, FIM President and the 2017 FIM World Champions

Gavin Emmett was joined on stage by a number of high profile celebrities from the mountainous principality and others as he wove a tale of recognition and reward for the many champions and award winners that was interspersed with some more light hearted and humorous moments. These included an impromptu guitar solo by 2017 FIM AMA Supercross World Champion Ryan Dungey.

Following a new format the Next Generation category got proceedings underway proper after President of the FIM, Mr Vito Ippolito had officially opened the ceremony. Thirteen-year-old Eddie Wade who won the FIM 85cc Junior Motocross World Championship perfectly defined this catergory. In the aptly named Lumps, Bumps and Jumps category it was Andorra resident Toni Bou who was the stand out recipient as he collected an FIM X-Trial World Championship medal for an eleventh consecutive time.

The Long Haul category was all about endurance and saw Chile's Pablo Quintanilla pick up the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Champion for a second year in a row. Russia was well represented in the Ice to Asphalt category with Dmitry Koltakov being declared the 2017 FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Champion. The Stepping Stones category included those champions who have made important strides in their sporting success, and this was illustrated by Josep Garcia who received his medal for becoming 2017 FIM Enduro2 World Champion.

Finally it was the Elite category, which brought the highly applauded ceremony to a close. The female side of the sport featured strongly in this category with 2017 FIM Women's TrialGP World Champion Emma Bristow and 2017 FIM Women's Motocross World Champion, Kiara Fontanesi picking up their medals together with 2017 FIM MXGP Motocross World Champion, Antonio Cairoli, 2017 FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Champion, Jason Doyle, 2017 FIM Superbike World Champion, Jonathan Rea and 2017 FIM MotoGP World Champion, Marc Marquez.

Alongside the champions, other successes were also recognised during the ceremony. Marc Marquez was very happy to present this Environment Award to the German Motorcycling Club, The MSC Grevenbroich. Whilst the FIM Road Safety Award went to The Norwegian Motorcycle Union for its 'Full Kontroll' initiative leaving The Motoclub do Porto to rightly pick up the FIM Fair Play Award for its kind actions. Finally the 2017 FIM Women in Motorcycling Award went to Motorcycling Western Australia's Women's Committee.

President of the FIM, Mr Vito Ippolito closed by saying. "I want to say thank you to everybody who is here tonight, to all our great FIM World Champions, our other award winners and to Andorra for hosting this beautiful ceremony that has marked the first edition of the FIM Awards. We are very proud and we would like to invite you to come back here with us next year."

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November 17, 2017

Take this opportunity to honour a club or individual who have made your motorcycling experience better!

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November 8, 2017

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October 18, 2017

How Our Remembrance Tree Has Grown!

FIM Press Release - October 13, 2017

The FIM Technical and Circuit Racing Commissions are very proud to announce the launch of the new FIM Racing Homologation Programme (FRHP) for helmets.

Up to now, the FIM has referred solely to existing international standards for the approval of helmets for use in its competitions. The FIM Racing Homologation Programme for helmets now features the latest state of art of testing methods and sets more innovative and demanding requirements to be met, in addition to compliance with international standards. This homologation will be a mandatory prerequisite to be entitled to access FIM competitions, starting with Circuit Racing in 2019.

The helmet response to medium severity oblique impacts, among others, will be assessed in FIM approved laboratories such as the Impact Laboratory of the University of Zaragoza. The oblique test constitutes the most novel and modern aspect of the testing method and reflects a very common scenario occurring in accidents, although never addressed in international standards so far.

Vito Ippolito, FIM President: "The homologation will allow the FIM to ensure a more complete and high-end protection for its riders and in particular to better track and control helmets used in FIM competitions. The FIM is also hopeful that the new testing protocol will serve as an inspiration for disciplines other than Circuit Racing, and cascade to international standards for road use."

Cristiano Silei, Dainese Group CEO: "In Dainese Group we constantly endeavor to increase the safety of our AGV helmets. The introduction by the FIM of a standard which entails oblique impacts represents a giant leap in this direction."

Alban Rojas, SHARK Helmets Research & innovation manager: "SHARK Helmets has promoted motorcycle racing as a focus of brand development ever since its creation. Our brand's ethos is always to push the technical boundaries and innovate to ensure the highest level of protection for all riders. We are very proud to work close with the FIM Racing Homologation Programme for helmets."

Xavier Cadens, MatGroup R+D+I Manager: "A step forward on helmet safety at a global level".

Robert Reisinger, 6D Helmets Director of Engineering: "6D Helmets is excited to see advancements in a formal test standard that incorporates rotational testing and lower energy mitigation that the FIM has developed. We look forward to future advancements in helmet testing definitions and the positive results that it will bring for consumers and racers alike."

Ontario Tourism Press Release - September 28, 2017

FIM News Flash - September 25, 2017

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is proud to announce the new identity of its end-of-the-year flagship event.

The FIM Awards are about to become one the most renown Prize-giving ceremony in the world of sport.

Sport, suspense and glamour will be the watchwords of this breath-taking evening show! A glittering cast of no fewer than 40 world champions will gather onstage alongside high-profile guests to celebrate the end of this motorcycling season with a Grand Finale.

On Sunday 26 November, Europe's highest capital Andorra-la-Vella will play host to the great motorcycling family in a spirit of festivity and harmony.

The FIM's annual prize-giving ceremony is officially becoming the FIM Awards. To grow its audience reach, this premium event now has a new, modern and elegant logo perfectly reflecting the Federation's values: passion, excellence, engagement and courage!

This identity-affirming get-together will mark the crowning moment for the year's motorcycling heroes while showcasing the range and depth of the FIM's activities.

An evening of surprises and sensations awaits you...


La Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) est fière d'annoncer la nouvelle identité de son événement-phare de fin d'année.

Les FIM Awards entendent devenir l'une des cérémonies de remise de prix les plus attendues dans le monde du sport.

Sport, suspense, glamour seront au rendez-vous de cette soirée spectaculaire ! Pas moins de 40 champions du monde seront réunis sur une même scène aux côtés d'invités prestigieux, pour célébrer en apothéose la fin de cette saison moto.

Dimanche 26 novembre, Andorre-la-Vieille, la plus haute capitale nationale d'Europe, rassemblera cette grande famille de la Moto dans un esprit de fête et d'harmonie.

La soirée annuelle de remise de prix de la FIM devient ainsi officiellement les FIM Awards. Une nouvelle identité pour accroître le rayonnement de cet événement incontournable, qui se dote d'un nouveau logo moderne et élégant, reflétant parfaitement les valeurs de la Fédération : passion, excellence, engagement et courage.

Ce rassemblement fédérateur marque la consécration des héros de l'année tout en mettant en lumière la richesse des activités de la FIM.

Une soirée qui promet d'être forte en surprises et en émotions...

August 28, 2017

The Apple Valley Riders have changed the date of the 48th Bluenose Rally to July 6, 7, & 8, 2018.

April 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Viamar Scilla Transport to offer preferential motorcycle shipping rates to CMA members.

Contact Bruno Fortugno (Email or Phone 416-747-9774) for further details and a quote.

February 5, 2016

The CMA is pleased to be able to offer its members 30% off the regular tuition for PCDI Canada's Motorcycle Mechanics program. PCDI, a division of Ashworth College, is an accredited distance educator based in Oakville, Ontario. Enroll in the Motorcycle Mechanics program at any time and work at your own pace. Delivered via online lessons and textbooks, the program will teach you how to troubleshoot, repair and maintain motorcycles. If you are looking for an extremely affordable way to learn how to work on your own motorcycle or get an entry level job at a dealer, PCDI's Motorcycle Mechanics program is a great place to start.

Regular Tuition is $889.00

CMA tuition is only $622.00 using a promo code number available through the CMA office. To take advantage of this reduced fee please contact us by email providing your membership number. Further reductions are available if you pay in full or establish a monthly auto pay plan.

Tuition can be paid monthly at $34.00 using PCDI's convenient monthly payment plan.

For more information on the Motorcycle Mechanics program or to enroll...
Call 1-866-202-8975 or click here:

January 9, 2017

E-1 (b) Change: No protest at racing events will be upheld against a statement of fact which has been personally observed by the Referee or officials reporting to the Referee (e.g. false start/course cutting/dangerous riding/inappropriate entry to or use of the course).
E-1 (c) Change: No protest at events not overseen by a CMA Referee will be upheld against a statement of fact which has been personally observed by the Senior Official (e.g. course cutting/dangerous riding/ inappropriate entry to or use of the course).
Reports of such infractions made by third parties to the Senior Official will in some cases require an on the spot hearing to verify accuracy. Such hearings are at the discretion of the Senior Official and details must be included in the event report sent to the CMA.
E-11 Delete:  
F-6 (a) Change: The White Memorial Trophy is the premier competition award of the CMA, presented to a Canadian rider having an exceptional performance in winning a national championship in the premier class of the discipline. The Trophy is reserved for performances at the highest level and will not necessarily be awarded each year.
    The Board of Directors will decide on a recipient, taking into consideration the moral character of the individual and their support for the CMA.
    A list of candidates will be drawn up by CMA administration for consideration at the final Board meeting each year.
O-5 Add: Such briefings shall include instruction as to the exact location of the flagging position. The location shall be determined during the track walk carried out by the Referee and must assure that the riders are able to clearly see the flagger, without putting that official in any danger.
    This should be checked several times during the programme in case changes are needed.
Q-401 Licensing
  Add: Novice and Intermediate class riders must be a minimum of 14 to participate on a 250cc 4-stroke/2-stroke machine.
    Novice and Intermediate class riders must be a minimum of 16 to participate on 450cc machine or above.
Q-83 (f) Change: All glass lenses must be removed or taped over.
Q-83 (l) Change: The only liquid coolants other than lubricating oil shall be water or water mixed with Ethyl alcohol.
Q-201(j) Change: Minimum 64cc single cylinder liquid cooled 2 stroke


E-1 (b) Changement: Aucune protestation lors des épreuves de compétition ne sera maintenue contre une déclaration de fait qui a été personnellement observée par l'arbitre ou officiels se rapportant à l'arbitre (e.g. faux départ/ 'shortcut' sur la piste/ conduite dangereuse/entrée ou usage de la piste de façon inappropriée).
E-1 (c) Changement: Aucune protestation qui n'a pas été observée par l'arbitre de la CMA lors des épreuves, ne sera maintenue contre une déclaration de fait, qui a été personnellement observée par l'arbitre officiel ( e.g. 'shortcut' sur la piste/ conduite dangereuse/entrée ou usage de la piste de façon inappropriée). Rapports de telles infractions faites par un troisième parti à l'arbitre officiel, seront, dans quelque cas, requis et vérifiés sur les lieux pour en assurer l'authenticité. Ces auditions sont à la discrétion de l'arbitre officiel et les détails doivent être inclus dans le rapport de l'épreuve envoyé à la CMA.
E-11 Omettre:  
F-6 (a) Changement: Le trophée White Memorial est le premier prix de compétition de la CMA, présenté au coureur canadien ayant une performance exceptionnelle au championnat national dans la première classe de sa discipline. Le trophée est réservé pour les performances au plus haut niveau et n'est pas nécessairement accordé à chaque année.
    Le Conseil des directeurs décidera du récipiendaire, prenant en considération le caractère moral de l'individu et leur support pour la CMA.
    Une liste de candidats sera apportée au Conseil d'administration de la CMA qu'il prendra en considération lors de la dernière réunion annuelle chaque année
O-5 Ajouter: Ces changements devraient inclure instruction indiquant le lieu exact de la position du marqueur de drapeau. Cette position devrait être déterminée par l'arbitre lors de sa marche sur le trajet et il devrait s'assurer que les coureurs soient capable de voir clairement le marqueur de drapeau, sans le mettre en danger.
    Ceci devrait être vérifié plusieurs fois durant le programme au cas où il serait nécessaire de faire des changements.
  Ajouter: Les coureurs de la classe Novice et Intermédiaire doivent être âgés d' un minimum de 14 ans pour participer sur machine 250cc 4 temps/ 2 temps.
    Les coureurs de la classe Novice et Intermédiaire doivent être âgés d' un minimum de 16 ans pour participer sur machine 450cc ou plus.
Q-83 (f) Changement: Toutes les lentilles en verre doivent être enlevées ou recouvertes d'adhérent.
Q-83 (l) Changement: Le seul liquide refroidissant autre que l'huile lubrifiante devrait être de l'eau ou de l'eau mélangée avec alcool Ethyl.
Q-201(j) Changement: Minimum 64cc simple cylindre refroidissant liquide 2 temps.


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